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Us versus Them

Its been a while since the last blog – new job, new home, new location – just too busy I guess. I had a “to do” to restart the Why Run with the Herd blog for a few months now – but too be honest nothing really interested me enough to actually sit down and write.

Until now.

Two recent events have changed that however – Ferguson, MO and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Before you browse off to some other web site thinking “What do they have in common?”, hear me out.

I don’t know what happened the night Michael Brown was killed. I doubt I ever will. I do know that I wouldn’t wish on any parent the death of their child, so sympathy for the Brown’s as they bury their child is not a difficult emotion to have. I don’t know what type of person Officer Darren Wilson is either, but assuming he has some humanity, the fact that he has killed another human being is also worthy of sympathy as that is an action that he will carry for the rest of his life – something I wouldn’t want to do. At a minimum, sympathy for his family, as they will now have to live with this as well, is also something that is quite understandable.

Of course, not many actually look at it this way – and if they do, no one is reporting it. On 24X7 news it’s the usual Black vs White (or is it African American vs Caucasian?) story line, with the usual cast of characters behind the microphones and cable show roundtables. I’m not even going to mention their names because they don’t really matter. They are “leaders” in “their community”, but they don’t lead US. That’s capital U capital S, and you can take that to mean United States OR,  an emphasized “us”, but either way, they don’t lead. We need some leadership to break the “us versus them” story on Ferguson, and unfortunately I’m not seeing it.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria however is another story entirely. I am not calling them ISIS by the way, because it softens their image too much. To be clear, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is a nation – it might not be in the United Nations, but it has land, a military, and governance. It is a nation – and they are fundamentally hostile to our interests.

Don’t believe me? I’ll let you read their own words. I’ve attached a link to the initial issue of Dabiq – the magazine put out by the PR team for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which says that the purpose is for:

…AlHayat Media Center decided to carry on the effort – in sha’allah – into a periodical magazine focusing on issues of tawhid, manhaj, hijrah, jihad, and jama’ah. It will also contain photo reports, current events, and informative articles on matters related to the Islamic State. May Allah bless this effort and make it a beacon for generations to come.

Want some gems from the initial version to prove this really is an “us versus them” situation? Here goes:

Page 8

Amirul-Mu’minin said: “Soon, by Allah’s
permission, a day will come when the Muslim
will walk everywhere as a master, having
honor, being revered, with his head raised
high and his dignity preserved.
Anyone who dares to offend him will be
disciplined, and any hand that reaches out to
harm him will be cut off.

Page 9

Amirul-Mu’minin said: “O Ummah of Islam, indeed the world today has been divided into two camps and two trenches, with no third camp present:
The camp of Islam and faith, and the camp of kufr (disbelief) and hypocrisy – the camp of the Muslims and the mujahidin everywhere, and the camp of the jews, the crusaders, their allies, and with them the rest of the nations and religions of kufr, all being led by America and Russia, and being mobilized by the jews.”

Also Page 9 (emphasis added by me)

They have a statement to make that will cause
the world to hear and understand the meaning
of terrorism, and boots that will trample
the idol of nationalism, destroy the idol of
democracy, and uncover its deviant nature.

People who cut other people’s heads off – and then film it – are not us. They are them.

This really is an “us versus them” issue. By “us” I mean all of us – Black, White, Gay, Straight, Left, Right, Red, Blue, City, Rural, North, South, East, West – however you want to slice and dice the US demographically, these guys in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria want to destroy the idol of democracy – and that means us.

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